Tax services

Tax services

We all have to pay taxes, but we make sure that you’re only paying what is relevant to you.

One of IBCTC core services is tax advice and tax compliance. Tax become day by day more complex and change constantly. Each individual or company get in touch with tax. Being an organization who has the expertise in every type of taxes on the Island Curaçao, we are ready to help you in any tax related cases to gain control over your tax position. Starting from giving the best tax advice to you to preparing your tax return.

When it comes to paying taxes, you might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Which taxes should I pay when operating a business?
  • How frequent should I pay taxes?
  • What is the tax paying procedure?
  • How much tax do I need to pay?

Keeping track of tax matters can be overwhelming when you’re running a business. Having us take care of your taxes, allows you to run your business worry-free.

Our tax services include:

  • Tax Planning and structuring
  • Tax registration and deregistration of a Company
  • Advice on profit tax, income tax, turnover tax, wage tax and personal income tax;
  • Compliance (personal and corporate); prepare tax returns;
  • Checking tax assessments and prepare objection letters;

All you have to do is contact us, and we do the rest.